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Black Tigers International Ninja Society
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About Us
About Us

Soke: Angel M. Guerra / Judan

Black Tigers International Ninja Society

Information Board

we are now a free ninja society, as per soke: angel m. guerra / judan. we have (2) Two memberships 1st. is our free membership / no certificate. and 2nd. Register membership with certificate / small fee for certificate. 
register member may remove your self by sending us a letter by u.s.mail. you must sign the letter, and put your BTINS registration number on the letter, and let us know that you would like to be removed from our ninja society.

To Join Us

Go to the application page, and make a copy. fill it out and SIGN it;
mail to us at the main office; with a copy of your rank certification.
BTINS, P.O.BOX: 1242, BRONX, NEW YORK. 10451-1242

 Ninja Council 

       President / Founder:  
       Soke: Angel M. Guerra  /  10D (ny) Bodoki-Ryu Ninjitsu 

       vp: Jonin: Eddie M. Guerra  /   H.O. ( ny)  Bodoki-Ryu Ninjitsu 

       International Director:      
Soke: Adrian Pizzato / 10D (italy)  / Kayten-Ryu Ninjutsu  
       International Representative:                                                
: Humberto Trevellin  /  4D (brasil)  Bodoki-Ryu Ninjitsu. 

       State Director: 
       Shodai-Soke: Joseph M. Victory Jr.  10D /  Black Tigers Ninja Society  (pa) 
       Jonin: Render T. Fuller / 5D (mt)  / Bodoki-Ryu Ninjitsu    

        State Representative: 
        Grandmaster: Jason R. Victory  /  10D  (pa)  Black Tigers Ninja Society

Under Construction............

Black Tigers International Ninja Society.

on July of 1976 the Black Tigers Federation a koga ryu ninjutsu dojo and system was renamed to the Black Tigers International Ninja Society, by Soke: Angel M Guerra the new soke. in honor of his shidoshi and Grandmaster: Peter C. Falcon. Soke: Angel M. Guerra open his doors to all Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Practitioners. 

Cross Ranking Program:

Black Tigers Ninja Society Program Fees: Certified ( btins ) Black Belt and Cross Ranking Approved by Soke: AMG. you will be issue an (11x17 btins cerificate, i.d.card, uniform chest patch). Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Practitioner 


Black Tigers International Ninja Society

Koga Ryu Ninja ( Shiga )