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Black Tigers International Ninja Society
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Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Membership

Black Tigers Ninja Society Program Fees: Certified ( btins ) Black Belt and Cross Ranking Approved by Soke: AMG. you will be issue an (11x17 btins cerificate, i.d.card, uniform chest patch). Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Practitioner 

Soke: Angel M. Guerra / Head-Master of the Black Tigers International Ninja Society, is now honoring all Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Practitioner that has been training for a long time. if you are a Black Belt or a martial artists training in Koga Ryu Ninjutsu; and you have no rank under the Koga Ryu. you can now join our Ninja Family. Soke: Angel M. Guerra will honor you, by Cross Ranking your rank into Koga Ryu under the Black Tigers International Ninja Society. you can now train your students and give ranking under our Ninja Society. just fill out the Black Tigers International Ninja Society application and send us your rank certificate or a DVD or VHS tape of you in full Ninja Uniform training. send in your application and cross ranking fee. up to 4th.dan only. if you have a 5th.dan or higher in any martial arts system, we can only honor you with a 4th.dan. (if approved by soke: angel m. guerra), you will be added to our certified (btins) black belt list. you must follow our ninja society rules, and uniform setup. we will send you a certification, i.d.card, and our ninja society Uniform patch. you will be a part of our ninja family.
From Soke Angel, I'm doing this to help all our Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Practitioners, that has train for many years. and have no ninja home. now you can join us and run your own Ninjitsu Dojo under our family. no other soke will do this, so join us and call the Black Tigers International Ninja Society your home. 

Rank Certification Program

Official Ninja Society ID Card and Registration Number, Ninja Society Certification, and Uniform Patch.
Black Tigers International Ninja Society
P.O.Box: 1242
Bronx, New York. 10451-1242

 Avancement / Rank Promotion / Under the BTINS:

New Fees as of July. 7, 2007as per Jonin: EMG.
BTINS Certified Black Belts (fees Below) ( Rank Diploma / Introduction Letter ).

Shodan ( 1st.Degree Black Belt )  $100.00
Nidan ( 2nd Degree Black Belt )  $200.00  
Sandan ( 3rd Degree Black Belt )  $300.00 ......SPCL - FEE .....$200.00
Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt)  $400.00 ......SPCL - FEE ........$300.00
Godan ( 5th Degree Black Belt )   $500.00 .....SPCL - FEE .........$400.00 
Rokudan ( 6th Degree Black Belt )    $600.00 .....SPCL - FEE ......$500.00 
Shichidan ( 7th Degree Black Belt )    $700.00 .....SPCL - FEE ....$600.00 
Hachidan ( 8th Degree Black Belt )   $800.00  .....SPCL - FEE ....$700.00 
Kudan ( 9th Degree Black Belt )    $900.00  .....SPCL - FEE .......$800.00 
Judan ( 10th Degree Black Belt  )   $1200.00   .....SPCL - FEE ....$900.00 

Black Tigers International Ninja Society

Koga Ryu Ninja ( Shiga )